Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, WI yesterday went well!! Down 2.4!! YAY!
I am SO happy!! Sadly, I am leaving now for another funeral....my other Best Friend lost her Gramma this weekend :(
The 3 of us have bee BFF for 15 years, One lost her Dad and now the other her Gramma!! In 2 WEEKS!! Jeez.....that sucks!
Oh well.....I am the sappy friend but always the strong one when I need to be!!
I am going to stay away from the sweet table at the gathering after the funeral....last weeks funeral there were brownies that were YELLING at me "We're over here....come indulge!"
I stayed the heck away!! God help me to do the same today;)

Have a great day everyone!! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

A new week....PHEW!!

Well, the past week sucked...I was sick, Best Friends Father past away :( ....nothing good about either of those things!
So, eating well and getting my work outs in were a real challenge!

I had a hard time eating all of my points....I had very little appetite.

I still had a 1.5lb loss at WW on Saturday!! YAY!
That made me happy!! Finally yesterday I put in a really GOOD sweaty work out....MAN am I sore today ;)

I made Sushi on Friday.....it was pretty good, my 1st time attempting to make my own.
I used much too much rice so the rolls were very thick....i was winging it, I have just watched the ladies in the sushi joint make it before. I think it is like an art...practice makes perfect ;)

It tasted great!!

I also wanted something sweet this weekend, chocolate, but wanted to be good....I found these bars They are SO yummy!!! Really like fruit bars with seeds and nuts, gooey and so full of flavour! All Organic and only 180 cals, 3 g fat & 5 g fibre.
So, only 3 points!! They are not huge but they definitely hit the sweet craving for me!!
Well, I wish you all a great day!!! GREAT results on the BLBE, everyone!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday ALL!!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Here in SW Ontario it was CHILLY but the sun was SO BRIGHT!! LOVE IT!
Last week was the hubbys 1st week of days!! It was so great to have him home in the evenings! It was a challenging week for sleeping, however, but we made it!
Friday night we watched a movie and the G-ham (hubby) wanted Pizza, AGAIN!!
I told him I would make the Pita Pizzas and he was happy with that! We had Pita Pizza and salad! It was a nice, low pointage meal!
I was really craving popcorn but I knew that my WI was the next morning and I didn't want to risk it.
We stayed busy watching the movie and then were in bed by midnight!! SO different because he, for the past year being on nights, would come home at 2am and I would always wait up for him or wake up to hang out a bit. normally bed time was no earlier than 3:30am! It was nice!!
I had no trouble getting up for my WI.....down 1.5lbs!! YAY!!
I was happy with that!!
G-ham ordered PX90 a few weeks ago and it finally arrived at the house Friday!
He was SO excited!! We are only 2 weeks away from finishing our 90 days of Power 90!! I can't wait because then I get to start my Turbo Jam and he will start his
PX90! He has already tried the 1 hour stretching DVD and the 92 minute Yoga DVD.....in which during the Yoga one he yelled up to me SEVERAL times "I HATE YOGA!!"
He thought it was going to be easy breezy!! HAHAHA!! So cute! I told him eventually if he gave it time he would learn to enjoy it!!
So Sat after WW and after he was finished his hour of stretching (which he LOVED!!)
I did the Learn and Burn DVD of Power Jam!! WOOZERS!!
What a workout!! So it is 20 minutes of learning and practicing the moves. (a lot of Dancy moves, Kickboxing and Capoeira)Some of the moves are quite unique so the practice was good. Then I did the BURN part of the DVD....YIKES!!!
Basically the WHOLE time you are shaking and shimmying around you are working your abs!!! I was SOAKED when finished! It was GREAT! It was fun and motivating and I KNOW it will keep me interested in doing my work outs!!
There are about 10 workouts so I know I won't get bored!!
With in 2 hours my obliques and back were so sore!! In a really GOOD way!!
I LOVE that feeling!! :)
So, we went to Mississauga to our friends house to have Cranium night, yet again!!
SO fun!! We had a FEAST!! The MAN of the house is an incredible cook!
He made a roast that was UNREAL!! we also had shrimp, rice, potatoes, Broc Casserole (I made it so I know i made it healthy as can be!!) and Rapini steamed with garlic (DELICIOUS!!) I of course tried to be on my best eating behavior, I had about 3oz of beef, 5 mini round potatoes, PASSED on the rice, had my broc cas, Rapini (for the first time ever!!) and shrimp. It was a HELLUVA meal!! We were all So impressed with the spread! Then we played Cranium and Battle of the Sexes.
We were all so satisfied from dinner that when the Hostess wanted to put out snack we all declined!! YAY!!
We decided to drive home so we could sleep in our own comfy bed!!
G-ham and I have been detoxing for 3 months now...since Nov 1st. I mad a homemade detox (garlic) POTENT stuff!! We have not had a drop of caffeine, alcohol or any pop (even diet!!)
So there was no problem driving home:)

Sunday was lazy, I started to not feel too well and as the day progressed I ended up wit a full blown COLD/FLU!! I feel like CRAPOLA today!!
We still went shopping and while G-ham was doing his, not so much enjoyed, Yoga I made WW Veggie soup and WW Pasta sauce. I also cut up all of our veggies for the week, prepared a bunch of salad for us so it is easier to just grab and eat. It took a long time to prepare for the week but now I have no reason to not eat healthy all week long!! I just hope I have the appetite!! I don't right now so I have to try and feel better soon!!!

WOW, I had a lot to say today!! Have a great Monday everyone!!
And GREAT WI's to all of the BLBE peeps!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hump Day.......

Well, here is Wednesday! Mid week....usually the day I feel the week will never end and I just want to stay in bed!! ;)
However, I got my butt out of bed at 6 am, had all of my lunch and clothes ready Tuesday night, got in my cold car (in the dark!) and drove myself to the gym!
I am not a morning person but I feel great this morning now that I have had a good workout!

I am pretty eager to have my WI on Friday! I am hoping for big numbers for myself and Team Angie!

Watching the BL last night made me wish I could have Bob or Jillian with me at the gym!! I would love that!! Scary but would be SO worth it!!
I CANNOT believe that Joelle is still on that show! Although she did have better numbers then last week she still is the biggest female on the show and should see better results!!
I love that show!! I have been reading Winning by Losing: Drop the Weight, Change Your Life
by Jillian Michaels. It is a great read!! Makes me think, A LOT, about many things in my life!!

Well, I wish you all a great Hump Day! ♥

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! I am SO happy that the COLD front has moved out of Southern Ontario!! WOW it SURE was COLD!!
We had a busy busy weekend as usual!! We got great news that my Hubby has be asked to go on a straight DAY shift for work!! He has been doing straight nights now for almost a year....that includes Friday nights!! So, needless to say, we didn't see each other all that often!
We are very happy and hopefully he gets to keep this shift forever!
In so many ways this is going to make our lives better!!
I am, as many of us are, an emotional eater! I eat when I am lonely and sad!
SO, when Graham is on nights I am lonely and I TRY not to snack but I do a lot of the time!!
This is really going to help me!! I will get to bed earlier and wake up earlier!!
This morning was quite a challenge....we only had about 3 hours sleep! It is hard to switch your sleeping patterns!! But we still got up this morning, got Graham off to work and did my work out!! It wasnt easy but I did it!!

Also this weekend I logged ALL of my points, re joined WW and also on Saturday night when we were away at our friends place they all ordered pizza and I made my pita pizza!! It was so good and everyone was amazed that I could resist the greasy Dominos Pizza they had. I KNOW my pizza tasted MUCH better!! I was able to make 2 pizzas on 2 small WW High Fibre Pitas (80 cals each) loaded with veggies & about an ounce of shredded cheese on each for the amount of points it would cost me to have 1.5 slices of the Dominos!!! CRAZY!!

Well, that's all for today!! Off to see my hubby!!
Good night all! :)


Friday, January 16, 2009

So, now comes the weekend.....

I am very happy that Friday is finally here!! It has been SO CRAZY COLD here this week!!

I have had a hard time getting out of my warm bed and actually moving!! That made doing my workouts this week a real challenge!! I did do my daily workouts and tracked all of my points......but STILL only a half a pound loss!! :(

I am really going to have to pick it up if I want Team Angie to KICK BUTT! :)

My WW term ended at the end of December. I am going tomorrow morning and joining up again....my mom is going to also. She is a Lifetimer at WW but she has to get back on track!!

I KNOW that it will help having her to go with and actually making one of my weekly goals to attend a meeting every single Saturday!

I have a couple of new recipes to try out this week that I have discovered from various blogger posts (THANKS!!) I am excited to try some new healthy recipes and hope that the Hubby loves them also!
I think I am also going to buy a George Foreman grill this weekend. I am very excited to be able to cook up my Chicken Breast and Veggies in a more healthy way!! MMMMM.....

Well, Have a GREAT Friday night Everyone!!

Stay Warm!! :)


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